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More Summer Siblings

August 26, 2010

More cute summer siblings…. and if you think they match the siblings in the previous post…. your right :) They are all cousins!!!

mi-lo photography preview02

mi-lo photography preview03

mi-lo photography preview01

I am blessed to know such CUTE CUTE CUTE kids and they happen to have some pretty cool parents (and grandparents) as well :)  I feel super blessed to get to capture your super sweet children :)

dfw children photographer 01

dfw children photographer 02

dfw children photographer 03

The Perfect Age

August 16, 2010

If I had to pick only one age to photograph, it would definitely be 9 month olds.  I ‘heart’ this stage!!!!  They are old enough to sit up but still too young to get up and run away from you!!!  Sweet Lily was as cute and precious as ever, and such a trooper considering it was like 106 degrees outside.  I am truly blessed to get to photograph such adorable babies!!!!
Lily Preview 5

Lily Preview 1

Lily Preview 3

Lily Preview 2

Lily Preview 4

I was so excited when an old friend of mine asked me to do her daughter’s 1st birthday pics!!  It was so fun to get to play with Karlee and watch her cover herself in cake ( despite the scorching heat)   :)

milophotos karlee1

milophotos karlee3

milophotos karlee2

Thanks for making to trip to DFW!!  I had a blast catching up over lunch, and can’t wait to hang out again next time I’m in town!!