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Happy Birthday Craig :)



Jackie: Happy Birthday Craig!

Petra: happy belated Craig!!

Natasha: Happy birthday!=)

And just in time for our little session :)  Since I did not have time to have a private session with my niece while visiting my hometown, we met up at the Ft Worth Gardens before a big day of shopping in the Metroplex.  She is growing up so fast :(



Kim: Love her earrings! She is beautiful~

Charlotte Stringer: That is so exciting ! I remember when I got my ears pierced! Congrats!!


August 23, 2009

I could just eat her up!!!! My fabulously sassy niece…


Gillian: Gosh, she is gorgeous!! Great shot!

… And Another ….

August 15, 2009

I just can’t stop LOL.  I just love how these can be designed to fit your decor and color schemes… or just be left simple and elegant .  Hopefully I will have some product pics up this weekend of my sample storyboard in person :)


Gloria Avina: I love the layout!

Darlene: This is a great storyboard with lots of options.

Kim: Love it!! Can't wait to see more...

Another Storyboard…

August 13, 2009

I have numerous layouts for these 10×20 boards… if you have a gallery up and are interested in ordering or seeing design possibilities from your session… please contact me at



Charlotte Stringer: Great work! I know they are super pleased with these!! Awesome !!

Kim: Super cute!! Great idea...

the Provident Woman: Great pictures!!!

The Window…

August 13, 2009

Those of you who have actually followed my blog since 2007 might remember this pic of my sister…

Well two years later ( almost to the date)… her oldest offspring… same window in my favorite alley :)




Rock N’ Roll Ethan

August 13, 2009

One of the fun things about taking pics of children whom I share similar DNA with is I can get a little more creative and artistic with the processing I do after a shoot.  I am use to shiny, happy babies.  Ethan on the other hand has a moodier side which I think accompanies his love of Guitar Hero perfectly…  Have I mentioned this kids has some Guitar Hero moves that amaze me.  


Meredith: LOVE it!!!

Gloria Avina: The wall totally makes the picture! I agree with Meredith, I love it!!

So I was in my hometown this weekend and just had to get pics of my FAVORITE children… aka my nephews and niece!!! We had some great quality time trying to capture each of thier unique spirits :)  Just a glimpse….









Gloria Avina: I like them all but the first two and the water shot have to be my faves!