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Hallelujah …

November 20, 2008

We are back up and running!!! Thank you for your patience and I will be returning emails and posting galleries ASAP!!

Technical Difficulties

November 19, 2008

Hello All-

We are experiencing technical difficulties here at Mi-Lo in the form of email and uploading pics.

If you have sent me an email in the past few days, or if you are one of the many waiting on your gallery, please bare with me.  Hopefully all will be up and running shortly.


 Thank you for your patience….

Isn’t She a DOLL!!!!!

November 5, 2008

Meet little miss Riley…

If this isn’t the sweetest face… I don’t know what is…

YUM :)

November 3, 2008

I just *heart* baby feet :)

A brief sneak peek for the M’s…


I will post a few more soon :)