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The New Face of Mi-Lo?

June 21, 2007
My sweet boyfriend was kind enough to be my model for the day last weekend. Of course it was cloudy and raining, but he was a trooper. Not to mention the stray cats and onlookers we encountered, but that’s another story. So here is one of the shots. I am working on more, so stay tuned…..
He even stepped behind the camera to help me get some shots for business stuff…

And what would a post be without sweet Ella….

I am completely open to constructive criticism, so feel free to leave a comment and be HONEST. That is the only way I can learn.

I have decided to write an “About Me” post for anyone who might stumble upon this blog and wonder just who is this girl with the camera.

Where to begin….

How about here, my first camera (circa 1985)…

It makes me laugh to think about the HUGE flash that had to be attached to the top. I think I took about a million pictures of zoo animals with that thing. I guess you could say this camera is responsible for my passion for photography today. I have always loved taking pictures and looking at old pictures. Pictures can be so powerful. They have the ability to make us smile, laugh out loud, sigh, and even cry. Photography is my creative passion. The whole process (from composing the shot, to editing, to see the finished product) makes me giddy. Sometimes I get a feeling that I just have to take pictures, it doesn’t matter what, I just need to feel my finger on the button and hear my camera in action. It is like seeing the world with new eyes. But there is another side to my life. Accounting. I find great pleasure in this as well. This is my 8-5, and it is also the structure in my life. This is the organized, analytical side where spreadsheets and databases rule!! The two sides together give me a feeling of balance. And each gives me a break from the other. This is my yin and my yang

Now the run down on my life so far….

I grew up in a medium size town in West Texas, graduated at the top of my class, went to a small Baptist university ( I will admit that there were some detours on the way, but I made it out the other end with a degree in Finance), moved to the big city, landed a sweet job with a large corporation, and now I am trying to turn my hobby into something a little bit bigger.

I have two dogs, a boyfriend of five years, and a supportive family, all of which are my life and might go blind from my flash before long.

Hope I didn’t bore anyone too much :-)

Good Things to Come!!

June 6, 2007

There is a new addition to my household… It’s my first SLR camera, and it is a beast! There is no such thing as streamline when dealing with such a powerful and precise tool. The body itself is not that bad, but some of the lenses are rather large. There is no being discrete with this thing. I love it. Coupled with my new Mac and new software, the possibilities are endless for Mi-Lo Photography. Now all I need is to start shooting! Here are a couple of pics I took last night just playing around with the settings and lenses. Cassidy, my beagle, tucks tail and runs when she sees me point a camera at her, but fortunately Daisy just ignores me hoping that I will go away. The poor dog has been the subject of my photography for sometime now.

The lighting wasn’t great that late in the day on my patio, but I just had to take some pictures. Here are some more for my sister. Enjoy!

I just love this one…