Go West Texas Missions!!!

May 13, 2011

I was so excited to learn that my nephew’s traveling baseball team was coming to city ( more like a 4 way stop… but I digress) near me!!!  He plays for a select baseball team that has God at the center of their efforts and hearts, which is such a refreshing thing to see in these amazing young boys. Check out their sponsor and coaches’ organization which is inspiring and uplifting: Baseball His Way.  My apologies in advance for the number of pics of my fabulous nephew :)  I just could not narrow them down AND I NEVER shoot sports photography so I was having fun playing with my rented 70-200L IS (note: RENTED!!!!  I wish I could owned this bad boy but more on that later…) so on to the show….

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Now for those who would like my thoughts on the  70-200 f/2.8 IS II:

1) Dislike: It was way slower than I am use to, however I am usually closer the my subject so my 5D MkII finds focus fast.  This lens “searched” a little too long for me to get the actions shots I expected, and 200 is probably the minimum focal length needed for this type of shooting.  The focal length is not the lens fault, but  having never shot b-ball… I had no clue 200 would be so limiting on shots.  But it was my first rodeo with this lens so I would give it another go-round before once again claiming prime is the only real way to shoot ;)

2) LOVE the natural vignetting this lens produces. Gorgeous.

Hoping to rent the 100-400 next time around when the Mission come this way again :)

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